"I Wanna Be A Cowboy!"

Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Sam Elliot, and towns like Tombstone, Deadwood, and Dodge City... all names that bring strong images to mind.

Dusty Stetson and Coat, and a shiney Colt Peacemaker in a Leather Holster.

Two Tone Brown & Black Basketweave .45LC

Full Skirted, Dark Brown with Black Border & Lining, Black Strap, Nickel Hardware and Leather Hammer Thong.

Two Tone Brown & Black Basketweave
.45LC 6 Pack Back-Up Strap

When you carry a Revolver, you need someplace to carry extra ammo, and the Back-Up Strap is the perfect companion for your Six Gun. *

You can carry extra BANG wherever you go. Clip it to a Belt Loop or on your Back Pack, and keep your extra cartridges in easy reach. **

Don't be the Guy who keeps his Bullet in his Pocket!

Back-Up Straps come in a 6 Pack, 12 Pack, and an Oh $#![ Pack that carries 13 Rds. "Why the 13th round?"
Because Friends don't let Friends Turn, that's why! ***

Brown12 Pack
Two Tone Brown 12 Pack .357 Magnum

.22 Varmint
Med Brown 15 Round .22LR Varmint

Nothing is as much simple fun, as plinking with a .22!


* Ammo is NOT included
** DO NOT try to carry Ammo into a Courthouse or Airport. If you do, don't try to blame me. It's all on YOU. "Here's your Sign!"
*** The Zombie Apocolypse IS NOT REAL... Yet.
DO NOT shoot your friends because you THINK they are Turning.

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Shoulder & Chest HolstersBr Basket Weave Shoulder Holster

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