Tooling & Carving

Any holster can be made to suit your taste and personality, whether it is carved with a Western or Floral design, tooled with a Basketweave pattern, or just a simple border design. Or, you can go with something wild, it's all up to you.

Saddle Tan Floral Carving
S&W SD40 Antiqued Saddle Tan Floral Carved

Blk Glock G22 Fr
Glock G22 Black Basketweave

Scoped SBH Front
Ruger SBH Two-Tone Brown Chain Border

American Spirit Glock G43 Front
Glock G43 American Spirit


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Compact HolstersMed Br G43

Western Gear
Western Gear

Shoulder & Chest HolstersBr Basket Weave Shoulder Holster

Tooling and CarvingSadle Tan Floral Carved SD40